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The . I think it would The 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge was introduced as a commercially available round in 1962, along with the new Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle. History The original introduction date of the 7mm Weatherby is unclear, however its appearance in the early 50’s came at a similar time to the 7x61 while predating the 7mm Remington magnum by almost a decade. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 21 Lazzeroni Firebird. 7mm Rem Mag vs. POSTAL SERVICE is not available. Ballistic comparisons. 5 mag of some sort turns it into a barrel burner from what I hear. A. After reading several posts about the bad scope rings/mounts I got it home and the first thing I did was check the rings and mounts to see if they were loose. Index No. Rem mag is out because I'm basing this on a modified short action. A 160grain bullet from the 7mm Rem. Look no further for your 7mm Winchester Short Magnum! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door! Create an account for faster checkout, easy access to order history, and to earn reward points for every dollar you spend! Use a valid email address to register. Good luck. What are some disadvantages and advantages of each. Courtesy Phil & Suzie Massaro. This “hone-to” dimension will prevent the Die from overworking the brass, while enabling the EZ-Out Expander Ball in the Sizer Die to provide consistent neck tension on the bullet. realguns. 308 win. Mag. Brass bullet primer powder 7mm data for . 50 MOA accuracy out of the box. 7mm Winchester Short Magnum Coyote Hunting 7mm mag - Way Too Much Gun For the 7mm Rem Mag vs . IMO, unless you're really sold on some short action rifle, you'd be better served by the 7mm Rem Mag. FROM MIN TO MAX. All told, there are currently 14 cartridges of 7mm caliber being loaded among the major ammo manufacturers--Federal, Hornady, Norma, PMC, Remington, Winchester and Weatherby. I killed a fair amount of the local deer with a 7 MM Mag shooting 154 gr Hornady's at about 2800 fps. 280 rem or 7mm-08. 300 WSM) is a . fans don't jump in here and spoil the Mag. Lastly what is the max range for each. com 406-491-6109 Jason 7am-10pm MST - Duration: 3:56. 22 Magnum is one of those rounds that is actually far more powerful than it might seem at first glance. 7mm Rem. I happened to come across a new 7mm Rem mag rifle at a very good price, and am looking into my options for reloading for it. 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag : Cartridge Sizes 7mm Remington Magnum Ammo Shop in-stock 7mm Rem. 300 Win. 9% of the hunting in the lower 48, I'd take a 7mm Rem Mag anyday and never look back. But according to my Handloaders Manual of Cartridge Conversion , the 7mm Mashubrn Super IS a . 264 cartridge in 1958, it’s a wonder it wasn’t the . 755 G1 BC. 270 being a model 70 featherweight. I wouldn't use the 7MM for anything over 500yds though. 850 inches long and 3. Pardon me for pointing this out. 5-284 was the recoil. The 7mm WSM was only introduced in 2001, so it's possible it hasn't received the praise of the 7mm mag due to it being a fairly new load. Based off the information I've read online, I'm thinking my best options as far as velocity with still good accuracy are with Reloder 22 or Reloder 25. 7mm Wby Mag. Superformance ammunition is 100 to 200 fps faster than any conventional ammunition on the market today, and achieves this performance in every gun, without increases in felt recoil, muzzle blast, temperature sensitivity, fouling or loss of accuracy. 28 caliber vs. As these names would suggest 6/02/2011 · Looking for suggestions on 7mm Rem Mag elk bullets. Let me know if you have any questions or requests. 308, it' s a short action cartridge suitable for most big game in North American, ammunition is usually less expensive and readily available even in most small gun shops. Yeah, the 7MM is good for paper at that range, but can't recommended it for big game nor the . How do I determine what diameter to hone my Sizing Die to? A. For me, a 120gr TTSX for whitetail is the gold standard for whitetail out to 300yds. Hands down my favorite texas cartridge. 284 inch bullets on a . 7mm Weatherby created around the 1940's, 7mm RUM created in 2001 approx. Downrange the 300wsm hits hard closer and downrange while the 7mm rem flies faster and flatter. For trajectory, we saw the same trends for the short and longrange data. Wt. Right now, shooting 139gr BTSP interlock. I don't have one in the stable at the moment, but for several years it was the only hunting rifle I used on everything from coyotes to big bull elk. I owned the guns when I lived in Utah. The 7mm Remington Magnum is one of the most popular cartridges in America today. 30-06 rounds with several of the rounds breaking the . Factory 7mm Rem. My old hunting partner has been killing elk and deer with his 7mm Rem mag for more than 20 years now with great results. On average, the 7mm Rem Mag rounds have a SD of . The 7mm Remington Magnum drives the wide variety of 7mm bullets, from 120 to 175 grains, at respectable velocities. The 300 Win Mag vs. Wyatt long (2. I'm looking for a good deer and elk combo gun. rokslide. 270 WSM. Q. Picked up a box of this ammo to put the Weatherby sub MOA guarantee to the test. One thing to remember with the short Complete 7mm-08 Remington ammunition ballistics Chart. Mag. Recommendation:The 7mm is recommended for military applications out to 1000+ meters. That all being said, if you looking to hunt deer, elk and bear, get a . Wide open to suggestions. Comparing the 139/140 grain bullet of the 7mm-08 and the 150 grain bullet of the . P. com. 7mm shoots a . The 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge was introduced as a commercially available round in 1962, along with the new Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle. I had a Savage 116 stainless w/synthetic stock in 7mm Mag, and that was a beast when it fired! I'll second the IMR4831 in 7MM Mag,its a little slower than the 4350,and better alI around powder in a case that big. I figured I would want to move up to something in the29/08/2018 · August 29th, 2015 Game-Changer: Berger 7mm 195gr Bullet with 0. I have the 7mm wsm and love it but a 7mm rem mag is cheaper and easier to feed. 308 Winchester platform that is 2/11/2010 · Just trying to get some conversation going here. Top 10 7mm Hunting Cartridges Of All Time - Grand View Outdoors www. 7mm WSM ammo s capable of taking large and dangerous prey like black bear which has made the round popular with short range brush hunting. A flat flying and hard hitting load for your 7mm STW! We use Barnes' LRX bullet. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. 300 Win Mag necked to 7mm. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; that is one of the physical laws of our universe. 270, but am considering adding the 7mm WSM, mostly for longer shots in western mtns for Elk. It is a member of the belted magnum family that is directly derived from the venerable . . The 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum was designed in 2002 by Remington Arms Company. You’ve heard the rumors of a new ultra-high BC 7mm bullet from Berger. contest continues with an equal-weight, similar-shape bullet competition at maximum velocities. Plus you can at present prices, buy a box of 7mm mag for 15 bucks, most of the WSM stuff I've seen is $30. 62x39, 123gr Remington 30. North American Arms builds a popular mini revolver2/11/2010 · Just trying to get some conversation going here. But with 180gr match bullets in a 26+” bbl, it’s seriously impressive. 280 Remington 7mm Remington Ultra Mag price of the powder you're burning vs the price of the bullet you're launching. What is a better cartridge for elk and deer at about 500 yards. Most complete 7mm precision shooting page. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum and fits a . 9923/01/2018 · How does the 7mm Rem Mag compare to the 300 Win Mag vs. It is an absolute tack driver. The WSM is smaller and lighter than the 7mm mag, but from what I can tell the 7mm is the more highly touted cartridge. ; Designed for hunting large North American game, the 7mm Rem Mag has taken elk 500 yards out, and is also commonly used to hunt African game like impala and warthog. If you want to know the specifics on how your ammo is firing, use Guide Outdoors ballistics charts and ammo charts to hit any target, anywhere! You’ll find 300 win mag ballistics, 308 ballistics, 30-06 ballistics, 223 ballistics, 243 ballistics, 30-30 ballistics and much more! The 7mm rem is a long action versus the 300wsm which is a short, is that a consideration. With the proper barrel and scope it has excellent longer range potential. For 6yrs of collage (2yrs. 7mm Mag, not so much. Sportsmans here in Medford has that gun in 7mm rem mag but would have to order the 270 wsm. Although it has been used very well in competition, it's primarily a hunting cartridge. Got a good track record. Due to its performance with 160 and 175 gr. jpg Mag load (168 Berger Classic Hunter) at 500 yards while only giving up 200 ft-lbs of energy (1700 vs. And, when you get into the heavier bullets, it will outperform the short mags. It was designed specifically for the Remington Model Seven Magnum rifle, and intended primarily for long-range hunting use. At first glance, it is clear that the 7mm Rem Mag rounds have higher BCs than the . Ultra Mag The 7mm-08 Remington is a rifle cartridge that is almost a direct copy of a wildcat cartridge developed around 1958 known as the 7mm/308. Pattys day with a buddy of mine and his cousin from the UK. 30-06. The Remington Model 700® CDL SF is the perfect blend of time-proven performance and modern updates. , which offers the best performance for the hunter? Mag. Ammunition that ships immediately at Sportsman's Guide for great selection and value! Use our Ballistics Chart to find the firing specifics on your 7mm Remington Magnum Ammo. Info for 7mm cartridge gun shooters. but was soon shooting at 200yrds after about 2-3mo. 340 So I'm in the field for a new gun and on my mind is a 7mm of some sorts. 300 WSM. Here is a link to the chamber print for my 7mm Rem Mag compared to the SAAMI minimum dimension chamber print. The target not only proves the three shot group under a ½” at 100 yards but also provides the load data to achieve that accuracy. We also carry an extensive selection of discount ammunition in many other calibers from top of the line manufacturers like Federal Ammunition, Remington Ammunition, PMC Ammunition, R I am thinking about getting a . It's almost, but not quite, comparing apples to oranges. 284 bullets) especially for 160gr+. Closer to 4 or 5 ounces when talking 7mm Rem. While we initially did not include the 7mm Rem Mag in our ammo but it falls short of the . 280, and look at the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rounds mainly. 308 Win (Large Rifle primer). 300 Win Mag. Compare all 7mm-08 Remington ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. But keep in mind she kicks more than the . 30-06 when I was looking for a rifle like you describe. 284 winchester, 284 win, 7mm S. Another factor to consider when comparing the two cartridges is the 7mm is a long action and the short mag is a short action, that will mean a faster eject and insertion with the wsm as well as saving a few ounces in weight of the firearm. 7mm Remington Mag vs 7mm Weatherby Mag vs 7mm STW So I'm in the field for a new gun and on my mind is a 7mm of some sorts. Looking for suggestions on 7mm Rem Mag elk bullets. 300 in most regards while 25/06/2009 · I guess I am just not sold on the short mags. 300 WM argument you have to be The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum is a centrefire cartridge developed in partnership with Browning Arms Company and Winchester ammunition, making its If you are buying a rifle off the shelf the 7mm Remington magnum will outperform the WSM on average using hadloads and bigger bullets. 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 WSM7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum Remington introduced the 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum C. I don't claim that any one is better than another. What's the real-world difference between a 270 win. The reason is he polymer tip which cuts the wind and creates less drag if I custom loaded the 7mm rum with the 139 grain sst it would shoot much faster and flatter. Measure the outside diameter of your loaded rounds and subtract 0. Re: 7mm rum Vs 7mm stw Vs 28 nosler by deye243 » Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:44 pm he can make his 28 nosler out of the rum brass (lot of stuffing around) and you can make the STW out of 8mm rem mag brass with just a simple neck down I love my custom 257. This would complement my 300 Win mag. 308 to the 150gn bullet The 300 win mag is a great caliber as is the 7mm mag. 020" short, but the dist to the base of the shoulder is right on. The 7mm Rem mag shines when shooting at distances beyond what traditional . One thing about VLD bullets is they are typically very sensitive to seating depth. This rifle is a 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum built on a brand new Surgeon Action with integrated 7mm WSM VS 7mm rem mag After owning both wsm and rem mag, I have come to the grand conclusion that: I cant hardly tell the difference between them with the same bullet. At this speed, the high BC 7mm bullets have less wind drift than all but the most extreme smaller caliber chamberings. huntthedistance. Looking at reloading data for the 7mm and 30-06, it appears as if the 7mm can be loaded down in a range similar to the '06. Seems really quiet lately. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place THe 7MM-08 is a very gentle recoiling short action round, allowing it to be chambered in smaller, lighter rifles and still be comfortable to shoot. Good choices for 7mm mag ammo would be the 150 grain and 175 grain bullet. 300 Win Mag is an excellent cartridge that packs more performance than the . Stepping up to a 6. By Chuck Hawks. I am not yet a reloader so the 7mm ammo options are greater and that is a definate plus. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum’s popularity often comes from the fact it can be chambered in shorter, lightweight hunting rifles. the 7mm rem mag has more options of bullets factory loaded so your going to have more options unless you handload . 7mm short mag vs 7mm mag S. 270WSM and 7mm WSM cartridges in roughly halfway between the . 28 I own two Remington's Model 700, Caliber 30-06 and a 7mm Mag. the 7mm mag has around 80grains water capacity and acheives over 3000ftlbs with most loads. 284 inches And a 7mm Mag could be a 7mm RemMag or a 7mm Weatherby Mag or a 7mm Rem Ultra man or a 7mm Rem short action Ultra Mag or a 7mm Winchester short Mag? The 7mm Remington has been around much longer, brass is easy to find. More It betters the velocities of the . 7mm WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) ammo rifle AmmoSeek. 62x51mm (a short action cartridge). 45ACP, in early 2015 the door was cracked open allowing7/04/2015 · 7mm Remington Magnum (7 Rem Mag) Barrel Length Versus Velocity. With a 7 short mag. 300 WSM ammo. There are multiple 7mm magnum rounds out there, but presuming you’re comparing the 7mm Rem. 7mm Remington magnum ammo has been a mainstay among hunters for more than a generation. 300 Winchester Short Magnum (also known as . But now are converting the M24 to . different so the short action is not a huge plus. army using a long action M24(Rem700) to chamber the 7. , the main difference is that the 7mm is a higher velocity, higher pressure, flatter shooting round, which makes it a slightly better choice for long range hunting. Since I wrote the above section, I’ve discovered the ballistics calculator at www. My second thoughts on the 7mm Remington Magnum come from watching guided hunters use the cartridge. Mag, Hello 270 WSM - Rokslide www. I also like my A-bolt . Although this is a fairly popular debate lets compare the 300 Win Mag to the 7mm Rem Mag and look at the actual numbers. Most Of The Ackley Improved Mags. 300 deeper to allow the bolt to close properly,the short neck on the 300 mag has always been an issue,it has inheriently The 7mm Rem mag doesn't offer a lot of trajectory gain over your 270 either but it can chuck those nice 175 grain bullets at elk. 270 Winchester for deer but have killed probably 15 or so deer with the 7mm Mag, most at longish ranges up to 450 yards. The 7mm Remington Mag and the . 7mm Rem Mag and . America’s favorite bolt-action of all time, in one of its most popular configurations ever. and exactly the same claim is made for the 7mm WSM. 317 inch neck with a beltless, rebated, bottleneck with a large rifle magnum primer case that is 2. Shop guns ranging from . If its not something you just gotta have stick with the 7 mag. A 7mm-08 loaded with several of the more recent hunting bullets out-performs many of the factory 175gr Soft Point Flat Base 7mm Mag factory loads, with much less recoil. If you reload then the 7mm Rem is even better yet, easily outperforming both of the short mags. The 7mm counterpart is the 180 grain Berger VLD. The 7mm Rem Mag, in a custom rifle or proven sub-MOA rifle is an ethical long range hunting cartridge in trained hands. Short Ultra Mag 140 Grain Premier Core-Lo: OUT OF STOCK Add to Wish List By adding this item to your Wish List, you will be notified automatically via email when this item is back in stock. 270, but I also like the short action, especially in the model 70, in 7mm-08. 5mm, 270, 7mm, 300, 338 in the Sherman Magnum and Sherman Short Magnum. May 4, 2016 By Ron Spomer 17 Comments In a previous blog we investigated the subtle differences between the 7mm Rem. The difference in recoil between the 7mm mag with a 175 grain bullet and the 300 Win mag with a 180 grain bullet is about 6 pounds of recoil but it can very well be the straw the broke the camels back! Most hunters shoot the 7mm mag with 140 or 160 grain bullets and that brings the recoil down to about 22 pounds of recoil. and 300 Win. 300 Win. the advantage is a lighter rifle and the short action with the short mags . The WC May 1, 2016 Now, you 300 Weatherby Mag. The combination of great ballistics with manageable recoil has made the 7mm cartridge a favorite among long-range prone and benchrest shooters. 308" dia bullet. "RE: 300wsm vs 300 wm vs 7mm" The only reason I'd say a 30 cal mag is much better than your 7mm mag is you can only get the 175 Partition in a semi-spitzer. 7mm-08. It seems to be slipping a bit right now, perhaps somewhat due to both confusion and competition from short magnums (7mm WSM and 7mm Short Action Ultra Mag) and longer, faster magnums (7mm STW and 7mm Ultra Mag). 002 - 2. I'd go with the 7MM over the . U. Find best value and selection for your Remington-700-BDL-Stock-Long-Action-7MM-Rem-Mag- search on eBay. What’s a chamber print? A “chamber print” is an illustration of the chamber reamer used to cut a rifle’s chamber. Alpha #3732955 - 01/28/10 Re: . The Mag has very little recoil just like the . Shop our selection of 7MM-08 bullets now! American deer hunters love the 7mm rifle cartridges – Other entries are the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum, 7mm Remington Short-Action Ultra-Mag, 7mm Weatherby Magnum and the 7mm Shooting Times Westerner. 30-06 is to the Americas what the . Ultra Mag, Rem SAUM,. 7mm rem mag is a little overkill for most game, but a good reloader can make bullets for everything from moose to coyote. 404 Jeffery. The chamberings of choice are the . So which one do you think is superior, seeing as how they are both based29/03/2013 · I chose the 7mm Mag when I made the choice, but then I've skipped the 30-06 all together and went with the 300 Mag for the next step up. 300 Win Mag are both derived from the . The first rifle i ever shot was 7mm Rem mag since then i've shot 30-06, 243,270, and 7mm-08 I was initially worried that my 7mm RM would blow the hell out of a deer but at 250 yards even with a badly placed shot there was minimal meat loss with an 175 grain bullet. 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) 14 RF Magnum, 17 RF Match, 22 WRF Short Body, 22WMR Short The 7mm fires a slimmer bullet (. The 7mm bullets have higher ballistic coefficient than . It will kill an elk or moose at 400 yards & deer at 600! 7mm rem mag is a step up ballistically from the 280 rem (same . :-[ I had a 7 STW and they make Tomato stakes in short order. On the outside, the weight difference createed by 4" of barrel and 3/4" of action is less than a half pound. But Ric's rifle, built to take game in Wyoming's backcountry, also proves the viability of the 7mm Win Short Mag as a true precision cartridge. Any debate about the best all-around game cartridge will soon get heated because there will likely be a group of 7mm Rem mag devotees present and vocal! And rightly so! 7mm vs. (the most popular such round) to the . North American Arms builds a popular mini revolver. The gun weight is only 5 oz. 7mm STW. When Winchester decided to introduce a fast-stepping . We value your business. My opinion, is that for 99. Oct 23, 2009 Custom 7mm wsm 810 yard shots 01-15-2012 www. 375H&H case, blown out, shortened, and necked down. 284 (7mm) bullet it chucks. The 7mm is a very versatile caliber from Whitetail to Caribou and has a better clean shot capability. I. From what I can gather, the . on the right belongs in a short-action. 30-06 vs 7mm mag Standard question but a slight variation . The opinions out there are all over the place; some say the difference between the 7mm Mag and 30-06 is minimal, others say you'll shred more meat with the 7mm than 30-06. D. Well, I've never killed anything with a 7mmRUM, but I have with both the 7 Remmy and the 300 Win. 001 SHORTER THEN STD. Barrel Length: R7MM4: 140: Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt¨ 9 1/2M: 24" R7MM2: 150: Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt¨ 7mm Mag vs. I'd go w/ something larger for the longer distance shots. 308 Winchester, . 300 Win any day. bullet. The 7mm Remington had a 40 year head start and is the most plentiful and popular Magnum in the world. Good for well over 1K yards which is a pretty good poke for the most of us. 5 CM state that the test barrel used was 28" long while the 7mm-08 used a 24" test barrel. grad school), I went to the Provo shooting range almost every sat. 5 lbs, all up scoped ready to shoot its 7lbs, very light for a 1000 yd capable rifle. PAC-NOR has been re-barreling rifle actions since 1985. It is a solid coppe. I'm thinking of buying a 7mm Mag or a . Winchester came out with their 338 Win mag and their 264 Win mag in 1958 and 1959 respectively in their time proved model 70 rifle. I love my 7mm WSM. 06 for the "Better-Half". Fusions or Power points clock in at 3100 FPS and and has a knock down of 1650 ft lbs @ 500 yards. Your not going to get the same velocity with same case and powder as the 180s with out pressure going up! No way around it. 279 while the 300 Win Mag rounds have an average SD of . To me, 7mm mag has a different kind of recoil. 7mm Rem Mag - Very popular standard length belted magnum 7mm Dakota - . We not only guarantee it; we certify it with a range tested target. 90", I was unsure if I could reach acceptable velocities due Search for guns based on who you are, read gun reviews, and find handguns, rifles and shotguns by gun specs and type. but of the 2 you've mentioned the 300 Win Mag can do anything the 300 WSM can do better. A usual rifle kick is more sharp, but to me a 7mm mag kicks about like a shotgun. These claims are valid if the short magnum cartridges are fired in 24 inch barrels, the same length as the barrels of most 7mm Rem. Federal Power-Shok 7mm Remington Magnum 150 Grain Soft Point - 20 Rounds Federal Power-Shok is hard hitting ammunition designed for exceptional performance in the field. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) was designed in 2001 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Browning Arms Company. But I will also say this, don't overlook the tried and true 300 Win Mag as well. 270 Am thinking about keeping my . Midsouth Shooters knows it all starts with the right rifle reloading brass. From the next generation in a legendary bloodline. 280 because the 7mm bullet selection is so great. From left to right 7mm-08, . mag performance wise. 009 O. 35 Whelen for the shorter ranges but want something with a little more reach (&gHere's what you need to know about the pros and cons of the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag cartridges so you can make an informed In short, like the 7mm Rem Mag, 13/12/2009 · I was wondering about a comparison of power, range, recoil, and what type of game these guns are used for. 308, 7. The guys at Lost River Ballistics are getting Ultra Mag numbers out of a STW. North American Arms builds a popular mini revolverI’m sharing a series of posts on ELR shooting, but I didn’t want to jump from the long-range rifles in mid-size 6mm and 6. ) an example is both of them with a 150 grain bullet, and also same bullet type. The 7mm-08 Remington is a rifle cartridge that is almost a direct copy of a wildcat cartridge developed around 1958 known as the 7mm/308. 264 mag vs 7mm mag. has been accepted as a big game cartridge. is there much of a difference between the short mag and the regular mag with the 7mm? I am looking at a Winchester Model 70 7mm WSM and the price is right but want to be sure I am not missing anything on that. 2/08/2010 · Are you comparing a 7MM Rem. The Roosevelt elk of Western WA tend to have smaller racks & bigger bodies than the usual Rocky Mountain elk. I have seen more elk wounded with a 7mm mag than with any other. 7MM WINCHESTER SHORT MAG ammunition for sale online at discount prices. 7x57 I am looking for insight as to whether there is any difference between the rounds ballistically? I am planning a 7mm Custom Mauser project and would probably prefer to stick to a 7x57 round (fewer modifications), but if the 7mm-08 is a superior performer I want to take that into consideration too. There is very little difference between these two rounds. Mag vs. 22 Magnum. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Combining high performance and a short action chassis, the 7mm SAUM is equivalent to the 7mm WSM in almost all respects. A popular long range load for the 300 Win Mag near this range is the 190 grain Berger VLD. 284" bullets. 404 Jeffries based magnum in a standard length 7mm STW - full length belted magnum 7mm Ultra Mag - 404 Jeffries based full length magnum 7. We also stock 7 MM Remington Mag ammunition for sale in our online gun shop. P. 2)) Load both of them with exact same bullet grain weight(150, 165, or 180 grain, etc. Head to Head: 7mm Rem. 375 H&H mag. It is more of a push than a jarring feeling. Within Browning Rifle Magazines you can currently find some of the following products: browning a-bolt 22-250 rem 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 243 win 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 7mm-08 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 308 win 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 270 win 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 30-06 4rd magazine, blued, browning a-bolt 7mm rm 3rd magazine 7mm-08 vs. 308, there's less than 2 inches difference in trajectory out to 400 yards. The 160 grain 7mm WSM has a higher muzzle velocity than the 7mm magnum. 284 Winchester, 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (7mm WSM), and 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra-Magnum (7mm SAUM). 30-06 - posted in Rifles and Shotguns: I was all set to get a 1903 Springfield reproduction to round out my arsenal with a long range piece but after a chat at the local gun store I'm now tempted to consider a 7mm mag instead. Re: . Because the 7mm shoots the lighter bullets at higher velocities, it is better suited to the law enforcment arena than the . 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag They are a dealer for Browning and have in stock both a 7mm rem mag and a 300 win mag both in medallion, for $900 each. 7mm Rem SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) ammo rifle AmmoSeek. Its overall length is longer than 2. 321 inch neck and the parent case is the . In short, like the 7mm Rem Mag, the . I agree the 7MM may be on the way out but that dosen't mean it isn't a good round. Before we get into the differences between these two popular cartridges there is one very big similarity we Hunting Bullet of Choice -- 160gr Accubond With a target COAL of 2. Shooting Times. All calibers will get the job done but like you said the 7mm will be the most cost effective if you are going to just be targeting. With more choices in bullets, higher ballistic coefficients, and sectional density, the 7mm would be a better choice than the 270 WSM. However to the 7mm WSM, with the 280 Rem having slightly less muzzle energy and the 7mm Rem Mag having slightly more. The current list of cartridges/calibers are 6mm, 6. it is the perfect hunting rifle. 4. will supersede the velocities of the . The Ultra mags have a magnum action and 26" barrel. Also a full assortment of powders and bullets etc. The difference between the 30 magnums is insignificant . i love my model 70 chambered in 7mm rem mag. 300 Win mag and phasing out most of the M40s. Like most ballistic and other performance specs we have looked at between the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag, there is not a whole lot of difference between the two cartridges. 22's. NO GO, AND THERE IS NO FIELD. The 7 mm Remington mag like just about everything else between a 22 long rifle, a 30-06 and a 375 H&H was created to sell guns. The main appeal of the 6. IMHO 7mm Rem mag way out preforms . Still like using it, but went to a 300 short mag for the extra powder and speed, and thus higher We carry 7MM REMINGTON MAG caliber rifles for sale in our online gun shop, including hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and more. the ballistics for the 7mm rem mag and the 7mm wsm are close : The 7MM STW had a short period of recognition on the long distance circuit. The 7mm Remington Magnum has been the most popular belted magnum in the world. Remington introduced the 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum (SAUM) cartridge in 2002 to compete with the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. With comparable bullet weights, the 7mm Mag. 308 and is harder on barrels, but is a nice compromise between the 308 and 300 Win Mag. I recommend the 7mm mag with 139gr loads or there about. 800in. For shooting elk or similar sized critters a 160 to 180 grain bullet is just about ideal. The 7mm WSM is a very accurate and hard hitting magnum cartridge capable of taking all North American game. In my opinion they maybe a bit to light for bear, however I've never hunted bear, so who am I to say. 7MM Remington Ultra Mag 7MM SAUM (Short Magnum Cartridge) This is a great long range big game load for your 300 Ultra Mag! We use Barnes' excellent lead free . 270 vs 30-06 vs 300 win mag I looked at a 7mm, a . I would say the . You will be able to find ammo for it most anywhere. Balistically they are very similar. I just want to hear some opinions on ballistics and performance from some veteran shooters. 95") mag box Right now I am thinking I will build a 284 if I go with a long action and a 7mm-08 if I go with short action. SA Ultra Mag. I am a bit partial to the 264 myself but, thats my preference. Like with all Remington bolt actions, expect a lifetime of rock-solid reliability. and the 7MM-08? or the 7 x 57 Mauser? If so, the 7MM-08 is a short action cartridge built on the . THE NO GO IS . Advantage of the . That is with our . So I suppose its what you what to with it. 30-06 in a Savage 110. 300 WSM and . Shooting quarter inch groups at 100yrds. 308 Winchester has made quite a name for itself since 6. Otherwise, 7 Rem Mag will work fine. If you plan to do a good share of Elk hunting I would suggest the 7mm Mag. Sniping Cartridges – 7mm Remington Magnum. 7mm Winchester Short Magnum Load Data; 7mm Rem Short Action Ultra Magnum Load Data; 7mm Wby Mag. 375 H&H Magnum. 62x51mm 2. Hunting elk and desert mule deer my shots would average about 300 yards. I have not used it as much as the . 300. The ballistics are similar, depending on the range. 280 is 30-06 necked down to 7mm. (except for hunting season) and shot 100 rounds out of the 7mm/06 on 1 sat and then the 7mm mag on the other sat. A Rem 700 short-action with a slim 22" barrel and lightweight graphite stock would make a sweet/easy carry antelope rifle. 140gr bullet will flat outperform any 30-06 load up to and including a 220 gr. Find all types of firearms 5/10/2016 · After two decades where MARSOC operators were allowed to carry a custom-built Colt 1911 chambered in . 284" dia. By mr. TDCC sheet 7 mm Rem. 2/11/2010 · Just trying to get some conversation going here. He can't just go to any random store and choose from dozens of rifles like the rest of us. I think your biggest issue is going to be custom sights or a scope. One was shot in the neck (@ less than 100m) and the other through the ribs/lung (+- @ 100m ). For hunting ranges, say to 500yards, the 7mm will reach out further and faster, and is considered to have 'better ballistics'. 270 Winchester Magnum. 14/06/2010 · Pardon me for pointing this out. 308 Win: Pictured right. i owned both and got rid of the 300 and kept my 7mm wssm. Trying to decide between 7mm ultra mag, 7mm short mag, 300 mag or 300 short mag? Advantage to the 7mm Mag, it's a great long range cartridge, disadvantage it cost more for ammunition. Equal weight bullets with equal velocity tranfer the same amount of energy to you. 270 WSM with a 130 grain bullet unless you use a muzzle brake. The 7mm Remington Magnum was released in 1962, at the same time as Remington's new Model 700 rifle. If it were, the big 7 would win. Then i have a 22" barreled 7mm SAUM running 162's at 3k (basically a 7mm Rem mag but a short action version). The case is based off a . But just like the wildcats based off the 280 and 30-06 cases, the 7mm wsm is virtually the same Following this Winchester released the . Are you comparing a 7MM Rem. 30-06 Springfield into a comparably sized package. I have 2 7MMs a 7mm/06 & a 7mm mag. To engage this 7mm RM vs. 80" and mag-restricted max COAL of 2. 7mm Mag vs . Handload these cases with the Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die to increase case life, and ensure a perfect fit in your chamber. 270 WSM is a new experience compared to the short-range thick brush situations I've always hunted. THE MODEL 700® FEATURING THE MODEL 700® CDL SF. But I see no reason to move away from such an established and beloved chambering like the 7mm rem mag for the perceived advantage of a shorter action. The Fierce Edge rifle is the ultimate long range rifle that delivers . I like . 243, a 270 and a . Jan 25, 2017 3rd installment in my caliber vs caliber series. The 7MM Rem Mag is a great long range flat shooter, but has greater recoil, and requires a longer action. This variation in the 7mm Rem Mag chamber dimensions has carried on to today, and there is still more differences in the chamber dimensions than for virtually any other rifle cartridge. com/gear/hunting/top-10-7mm-hunting-cartridges-timeJan 24, 2017 SAUM — was Remington's entry into the then-new world of short magnums. 7mm is a bore diameter=. proprietary cased large full length magnum AS you can see, there are a lot to choose from. 7mm rem mag ballistics chart coefficient data org 7mm rem mag ballistics why is so good 300 win mag races 7mm rem again ron spomer outdoors the 300 winchester magnum long range magazine werks Share this: 7. Ammunition must ship UPS/FedEx Ground, and Adult Signature Required. 62mm Nato, 7. The . The 300 win mag is a great caliber as is the 7mm mag. 300 in the same category. Prior to getting too old & decrepid, I plan on an elk or caribou hunt within the next five years. The WSMs are great cartridges though, and have quite have a few minor advantages over the old belted magnums. All the ballistics from all manufacturers, finally in one place. Pac-Nor provides custom rifle barrels to a variety of clients ranging from varmint hunters to serious benchrest shooters. Than the 7mm there are a ton of ammo oprions for the 7mag where as the 7mm rum is very limited and pricy a 60 plus a box. when firing optimum bullets in each. bullets. For more information, please click here. 7mm WSM. I wanted to check on the Brought me to the 7mm vs . com/goodbye-7mm-rem-mag-hello-270-wsmNov 16, 2015 Resized-270-WSM-7MM-Rem-Mag. If you have the standard magnum round I wouldn't probably change but if I 18 Dec 2009 Firearm Review Forum - 7mm WSM VS 7mm rem mag - After owning both wsm and rem mag, I have come to the grand conclusion that: I cant The performance of a 7mm WSM vs a 7mm Remington Magnum is virtually the same. 22 Rifles to revolvers & more from brands like Remington, Beretta, Heckler & Koch, Springfield, Smith & Wesson. 284 inch bullet on a . 06, and is why I bought the . Personally I really love my 7mm-08 but also my 6. Posted: Thu Sep 08 Like the U. The 7mm Rem mag is a neat cartridge - more comparable to the . He owns a 300 Win Mag, but shot a 7mm Rem mag, and found the recoil much more manageable. L. 30-06, we have compiled the BCs for all ten of the rounds we have been and will continue to use for comparison throughout the article (Graph 4). - guns, tasers, even lasers short barrel 12 gauge, and a couple . Calls or emails about this item will not receive a response. 004″. I have owned a 7 rem mag and it was a great rifle. Why 7mm Rem Mag over the new 7mm WSM? You really are comparing apples and oranges. has a higher ballistic coefficient and higher sectional density than a 180grain bullet from the . This means that the momentum of a rifle's reaction will exactly equal the momentum of the bullet and powder gasses ejected from the barrel. It is a member of the belted magnum family that is directly derived from the venerable . Tikka Laminated Stainless 300 wsm VS Browning white gold medallion x bolt 7mm mag - posted in Rifle/Guns: I was at the gun shop yesterday and seen a Browning x-bolt white gold medallion 7mm mag that caught my eye. 300 Remington Ultra Mag might eventually earn enou… Ballistics, which caliber is the best for deer? – Lets look closely at several that are considered suitable for whitetail, Black-tailed deer, Sitka … will limited to the 165gn weight hunting bullet, as will the . Thanks for watching, don't forge to subscribe. 03-20-2009, 03:07 PM The 7mm short mags will not give more power than a 7mm Rem mag no matter how you slice it. 375 H&H Magnum. The short mag has a higher velosity than the 300 and the 7mm ultra mag or super mag and on top of things i am I have owned both the 7mm ultra mag and the 7mm mag. The differences in velocity and ballistic coefficient of the 180gr . by Philip Massaro - Friday, August 31, 2018. The caliber of choice is 7mm. Another good ballistic comparison is the STW vs. 5mm cartridges that I normally talk . 30-06 or 7mm Rem Mag. Sounds like a 7mm WSM would be my best bet and possibly look to a brake or suppressor for recoil assistance if needed. The 162gr AMax is also an excellent choice for High Power Silhouette shooters. Its popularity is similar to the . Oh! 270 rounds. cartridge is a long action cartridge. They both seem to be accurate, deadly on game and work best with 140-160 grain pills. If your out west then the Short Mag would serve you better. 15 okt 201625 jan 201720 Apr 2010 The 7mm wsm will not outdo the 7mm rem mag. 308 caliber bullets of similar weight. Shorter cartridges have been with us since the early part of the 20 th century, and the trend to shorten both cartridge length and receiver length by a half-inch or so over the 3. 30 caliber) and is available in less of a bullet weight range commercially and so that gives the . My Dad on the I chose the 7mm Mag when I made the choice, but then I've skipped the 30-06 all together and went with the 300 Mag for the next step up. 300 Win Mag and 140gr 7mm Rem Mag do not seem to be significant. grandviewoutdoors. In reality the ballistics are pretty much the same with similar bullet weights. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. Most complete 7mm precision shooting page. I ended up getting the . The one real advantage of the 7mm Remington Magnum is that it will shoot 175-grain bullets, but at the real 7mm Rem Mag vs. Other than perhaps the larger bears, the 7 mag will take anything on this continent with power to spare. I am looking for people with experience with the . Case length = Same/same, Shoulder angle is same/same. vs. 300 Win that far. I just pulled up some factory loads for the three and just wanted to show the difference in 70 years of development. 60 inches in overall length with a 1:9 1/4 rifle twist. Buy a 7mm ultra mag online. 375 Holland & Holland Magnum is to African, the best-all-around big/dangerous game choice for hunting. com that is linked to below. It will help illustrate the kind of variation you can expect in 7mm Rem Mag chambers. The 308 win has around 55grains of water and achieves around 2800ftlbs maximum. 300 win mag shoots a . Thanks for the advice. This process is automatic. *Please Note!! Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased. 7mm ultra mag for sale and auction. Express, 458 Lott, 458 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm STW, 7mm Mashburn Super Mag, 7mm Practical,7mm Wby Mag 8mm Rem Mag NOTE WBY ONLY HAS . Data is the same for both powders. 308 or the 7mm-08 will be fine for what you want to do. I have been using a custom, Whitworth Mauser Mark X, 7mm Rem Mag for the past 35 years and a Husqvarna Crown 3000, 7mm Rem Mag before that (since 1964) for long range mule deer. Popular on the plains of Africa and the wide open spaces of the American west, scoping your 7mm Rem mag rifle is the only way to get the most use out of the round. Also, 7mm Rem's aren't hard to find in left hand rifles, which he needs. If deer sized animals are the primary target then either will do. Every manufacturer makes 7mm ammo, even The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (also known as the 7mm WSM) is a centrefire cartridge developed in partnership with Browning Arms Company and Winchester ammunition, making its debut and introduced to the shooting public in 2001. Notice that the 7-08 and 7mm WSM are basically the same length, which is how it is with the . 308 has a shorter barrel. If you see yourself shooting a grizzly, or find a need to do hard target interdiction, then go 300 WM. Ballistics are basically the same when compared to a ballistics table. 7mm Rem Mag will do everything 300 WM can do, except possibly grizzly bears, with less recoil, a higher BC bullet, probably faster MV, and generally similar end results. The 7mm Remington mag is well established but not so versatile as the . One benefit of you having reloaded for the 7mm mag. Of course, 284 win vs 7mm rem mag the bullet type and design are big factors in the BC of the first black woman to win oscar bullet, more so than the actual cartridge type. The 7mm Rem. 300 Mag (Weatherby) in my opinion, both calibers will be plenty to take down a moose, but I have had gunsmiths tell me that there isn't all that much differece in a 300 mag and a 300 wby. uses a wider selection of bullets and it delivers more energy because it can use bullets up to 175 grains. is i worth my time to get a 7mm wsm, i am looking at getting a browning X-bolt for hunting elk in either 7mm rem mag or 7mm wsm, the rem mag has 26 inch barrel and the wsm has 23 inch barrel would that make any difference, and i noticed that there is not as many factory loads for the wsm, but i have found a few that i know will work, and i plan on learning how to reload. As these names would suggest, it is the . By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies. 264 wby mag 300 wsm and 7mm mag all feel like they have substantially heavier recoil. Just in case you do need to shoot some factory loads now and again. RE: 325 WSM Vs 300 WSM Vs 7mm Rem Mag Vs 300 Win Mag Vs 280 Rem The 280rem is very close to the 3006, though a touch flatter due to . It depends on what you plan on shooting with the rifle. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on Ammunition. World's leading marketplace. 7mm rifles from Remington and Browning. I've used 4350 in the 7,but it really shines in the 270,30/06 class cartridges. 7mm remington magnum ammo for sale that's in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo - today! Featuring cheap 7mm rem mag ammunition and bulk 7mm remington magnum ammo. Complete 7mm Remington Magnum Winchester ammunition ballistics Chart. 7MM REMINGTON MAGNUM Introduced in 1962, the 7-Mag is one of the most successful … Re: Query: Remington 700 --- 7mm Rem Mag vs meat damage This hunting season, a fellow hunter shot two kudu with a 7mm Rem Mag. In fact the differences are probably so negligible that if you used each one to punch a hole in some paper, you couldn't tell the difference. 280 Remington and 7mm Remington Magnum. Kinda a pitty, as 7mm rem mag ballistics in a short action are pretty impressive. I have shot a few of them and they are pretty impressive. 7MM VS . More available, more affordable, definitely not going away. At 250+ yards, a 7mm Ren Mag. I figured I would want to move up to something in the 150-170gr range to shoot an elk with. Having reloaded since the The wiki article on 7mm Rem mag states that if you’re going to run one with less than a 24″ bbl you might as well be using 270 Win, as the point of 7mm RM is high capacity & long burn time. Shooting a Tikka Superlite 7mm Rem Mag with handloads, using 168 grain Berger Classic Hunter bullets. The rifle was dialed in and shooting sub MOA in short order. What you will notice, however, is that the 7mm mag kicks more and makes more noise. Find great deals on eBay for 7mm stw vs 7mm ultra mag. Hunt The  Goodbye 7mm Rem. Reynolds 7mm Remington Mag. 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data; 270 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 7mm Mauser (7×57) Load Data 7mm Rem Mag. 30-06 the edge. Shop with confidence. 30 caliber rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridge that was introduced in 2001 by Winchester. The venerable . rifles. 289, a hundredth of a difference. Remington 7MM Rem. Look for the SC (short cut) version of H4831, it meters much better than the regular H4831. DIY solo mule deer hunt. 270 WSM cases necked down to handle . With the capacity to drive hard-hitting, ultra-high-BC bullets, the 7 WSM looks like a bonafied rival to the 6. Check out our current selection of 7mm Remington Mag Rifle Brass below! Please leave a message if you do not receive an answer and we will return your call as soon as possible. The Crossfire 2 has a 2-7x power magnification range that takes advantage of the powerful rimfire ballistics, but the short-range nature of rimfire rounds. are both great. 300 mags, but not the Win mag. 004. You want to disregard the . The magnum vs the non-magnum of the short mag has been debated before. Most hunting will be deer out to 400 yards with the occasional elk. The 150 grain bullet will be flatter shooting but at 300 yards it beats the 175 grain bullet by 1 inch. The 300 Win Mag vs. 30 caliber shooters might engage. 60 years later, and 28 Nosler created in 2014, around 70-74 years after Roy's. p, July 18, 2010 in Guns and Ammo, etc. and a 270 Weatherby Magnum both with 24" barrels? I've been thinking of getting a 270 Weatherby for all-around hunting in North America and maybe Plains Game in Africa. I have the Model 70 featherweight in 7mm-08 and I love it. the 7MM RM which only falls 2 Both are adequate for anything in the world short of things 28/08/2006 · For elk and mule deer which would you prefer and why? I already own a . We stock Browning BLR rifles, Remington rifles, Marlin rifles, Savage rifles, Winchester rifles, Howa rifles, Tikka rifles, Ro That was noteworthy in itself. wow, ton of 7mm08 fans the 7mm is a great round but to me the 7mm 08 doesn't shine, now if you were talking 7mm mag vs 300 win I might say go with the 7mm but since your talking about a 08 I'll say go with the 300 since you also talk about reloading, because like it was mentioned above the 300 can be loaded down but you can only get so much out Real difference between 7mm rem mag vs. All weather stocks and both shoot the same. 30 performance debate. A 7mm Rem Mag with a 140 grain bullet has significantly more recoil than a . Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly if Javascript is The Vortex Crossfire 2 is a compact rifle scope with a nice magnification range for the . bullets, the 7mm Mag. The 7mm Remington Mag. We also have bulk 7mm-08 ammo available. COOKIE POLICY We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our websites. I took a large 6x6 bull at abot 500 yards and it dropped it dead in it's tracks. 7mm short mag vs 7mm magThe 7mm Winchester Short Magnum is a centrefire cartridge developed in partnership with The 7mm WSM is similar to the . Basically, this short cartridge can do anything the 7mm Rem. 5-284 and the big 30s. Compare all 7mm Remington Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. You can also trust published ballistics, since the mag calibers come standard with a 24" barrel, unlike most standard 30-06's w/22" barrels. 30-06 Springfield; though the ’06 can use heavier bullets, the 7mm of equal weight will offer a better Sectional Density. I'm sure you understand that "light" rifles turn into "thumpers", even in the 7mm Mag and Short Mag calibers. 308 or a 7mm rem mag. 5x55 SE. I started in the 1st yr at 100yds. 7mm Rem Mag Chamber Print. on the left shoots from a long-action bolt rifle, while the . plus the 300 mag will be a lot cheaper to shoot unless you plan on reloading. 308 Win. 270 is perfectly tolerable on the bench without a brake. 280, 7mm WSM, 7mm Mag, 7mm Ultra Mag. This is to prevent the 7mm from being chambered in either of the other two WSM's. 300 Win Mag was to obtain maximum power from the 7mm bore without excessive wear, suitable for the volume of shooting (practice and hunting) I prefer from a long range rig (approximately 12 shots per week on average). on some of the larger game hunts and I'd load 150 or 160 gr. 308 Winchester platform that is ideal for medium sized game. The reason is, I don't feel they have lived up to all the hype they got by the press. Am I right in thinking that the 7mm rem mag while having more energy than a . He shot a Remington 700 BDL in 7mm Remington Magnum, exclusively, and killed most of his elk with only one round. The 300 wsm and 270 wsm ballistics are impressive, but what makes them even more appealing when compared to a regular 270 or 300 win mag, is the short-action length and therefore more compact, handier rifle. The parent case is the . Was wondering does anyone have much experience with the newer 7mm WSM (short mag) and how you think it compares to my Win mod 70 . 06, 160gr British Enfield 303, 180gr Was a fun St. The 7mm Rem Mag, using the correct bullet, is fully capable of taking every single species of North American game animal and at distances beyond normal hunting ranges (300 yards plus). destinations. Thats the year Winchester brought to market its now famous. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. 7mm rem to 338 win mag resize; The distance to the top of the shoulder is maybe 0. 270 WSM is a good cartridge but, honestly, it is a very small player in terms of market share. Most standard magnums are standard action with a 24" barrel. 308 Winchester case necked down to accept 7 mm (. The 7mm Remington 7mm Rem Mag is a fairly popular cartridge (although declining somewhat it seems), but the WSM craze seems to have really died off. 300 Win Mag 1)) Load each of them with the very ‘maximum’ amount of powder each case will safely hold, and also with exact same type of powder. As for new cartridges on the scene, the 7mm STW and . The same goes for Remington’s 7mm Magnum launched in 1962. The 7mm ultra mag would only be my pick if you were making long shots at elk. The Model 783 features a steel detachable magazine with a steel latch. 7mm Rem Ultra Mag. I currently own a 7mm rem mag (I have owned it The design premise for my version of the 7mm-. 300 WSM with a narrowed neck to fit . Ready for the Wisconsin whitetail 7 MM Remington Mag rifles for rale online as well as hunting rifles and tactical rifles in many other calibers from Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Mossberg, Ruger, and Savage. Savage 7mm rem mag, 140gr AR47 7. In my opinion it is almost the same exact cartridge. The same is true of 7mm mag ammo and . Standard calibers have a four round capacity and magnum calibers hold three rounds. Picked up my new Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter 7mm Mag yesterday shipped from Bud's Guns. I think it would depend on what you plan to hunt. 300 Win mag than the little . Our favorite powders are 4350 and RL19. The barrel I have is a 1 It's a matter of personal preference on fit, finish, and safety features now. However, and this is pure personal opinion, I don't like putting the 7mm mag and the . Introduced in 2001, the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) is the second largest of the three Short Mag cartridges offered by Winchester. 270 Winchester was introduced in 1925 and has become one of the most popular hunting cartridges ever created. Either the . MagicDave:I find it interesting that the published ballistics for the 6. Reloading the 7mm rem mag, got any Choose the 7mm Remington Mag Rifle Brass that's right for YOU. I have used both for deer. The 7mm WSM has a case shoulder location that is slightly longer than its 30 caliber parent or 270 caliber child. Ultra Mag, 7 SAUM and 7 WSM. The consistency from shot to shot was unwavering. This rifle is super light weight, bare rifle just under 5. 7mm WSM ammo is proven to be effective on most all North American game, with the only exceptions being the largest species of bear. Neither come in short So to answer your question, between the 300 wsm and a 7 rem mag I would go with the 7mm. 5 Creedmoor: Pictured left. Since its introduction in 1962, the 7mm Remington Magnum (7 Rem Mag) has developed a strong 7mm Winchester Short Mag 7MM Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) 160 grain Nosler Accubond~100% Hand Loaded !! Rounds Per Box: 20 $ 58. 270 WSM vs 7mm-08 [Re ditto for the 280 Rem. your going to be more in the 2800fps range. The other Sherman Short Magnum cartridges will need to be necked up or down from there. A combination of premium bullets with Federal's reputation for quality results in a hunting round that you can depend on. The rest of the story I'm sure you know--Winchester's 7mm Short Magnum, Remington's 7mm Ultra Mag and 7mm Short Action Ultra Mag, all introduced within the last three years. 300 H&H Magnum; though it falls short of the Tikka T3 Lite is what I am thinking, just not sure on the size 7mm or. Hoping for a Kentucky Elk tag this year and going to start looking into what bullet to Checking your browser before accessing shawcustombarrels. Just purchased a new Mark V accumark in 7mm wby mag. The 7mm Rem Mag fires an identical round at a higher velocity. 6 mark. WOW! This ammo responded accordingly to even one click adjustments. difference between the long and I love my custom 257. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoS First, this is not a series on 270 WSM vs 7mm Rem. (grs. ) Bullet Style: Primer No. It felt good in my hands And i would be able to trade my Tikka laminated stainless 300wsm towards it. 284) bullets with a small increase in case length. The kick is a little easier to me but that has to to do with how the energy spreads over time. 270 is much lighter recoil than some of the guns I watch people hunt with. You must be 18 or older to order ammunition. 7mm RSAUM is another consideration. I use big magnums and I bought my wife a 7mm-08 and I tell you what, if I ever went back to a short action round it would be the 7mm-08 , It is a fricking awesome round and puts deer down like knowbody's business. 30-06 at longer range should be about equal in recoil? Cheers. Is the 7mm rem mag a short action ? Cause i like how the . Ammunition can ONLY be shipped FedEx Ground or UPS Ground to U. 308 and . Order 7mm-08 ammo at Ammunition Depot